Definitions for "mines"
Kalkar punishment for night trading is to be sent to work in the coal mines south of Joliet. The usual term is ten years for night trading. No one ever returns from the mines. There are many escapes from the poorly guarded mines, but the escapees are always informed upon by the area farmers because the farmers are killed by the Kalkars if the prisoner is not recaptured. [MMa
mines - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Similar to a shell but explodes in the mortar to give an instant spray of stars / effects
A cylindrical pyrotechnic device designed to project many ignited stars and / or other effects into the air.
Mines is a program that will attempt to solve a 10x10 Minesweeper puzzle. The purpose of this project is to address the well-known problem of determining whether a given Minesweeper puzzle is solvable or not.
Electronic devices made active in certain games. These can be captured by an individual's laser fire intermittently during the game and all subsequent points from the mines are garnered by that player.
Looking for mines on triangular or rectangular fields. The computer moves mines in the background, so that you must not guess. If you set hard level, you will die every time you make a mistake. You can change the board size and mines density.
Mines remove minerals from the planet and allow them to be used (see Minerals) ... too many mines on a planet will lower the tolerance of the natives to taxation etc.
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U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration Mines Master Index File
Places where diamonds are extracted from the ground.