Definitions for "Places"
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Place links could provide an index to the different locations in the narrative, marking changes of scene. [Please let me know if my general assumptions about the purpose of the above 'indices' is correct.] Discourse Field The discourse field for a particular round of the Ivanhoe Game is determined before the game begins. Generally speaking, the discourse field for the round will be a particular edition of the text source, including all heading and trailing material composed by the author. From then on the following discursive spaces are legal for making new moves
Ancient term for Houses. According to Ptolemy, places are the twelfth part of a sign, each being 2°30' of arc in the order of the signs (see dwadishamsha).
Parts of the Earth's surface, large or small, that has been given meaning by and for humans. They include: continents, islands, countries, regions, states, cities, neighborhoods, villages, rural areas, and uninhabited areas. Places usually have names and boundaries.
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The name(s) of places relevant to the record(s). For example: Banbury, New York, New Zealand. May apply to all levels
A button on the Netscape Navigator toolbar that provides single-click access to Netscape Guide by Yahoo, the online guide to business, entertainment, and sports information on the web.
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The request for cast and crew to take their positions for the start of the performance.
your starting position. The order given is “take your positions
Locations having distinctive characteristics that give them meaning and character and distinguish them from other locations.