Definitions for "ARC"
A portion of a curved line; as, the arc of a circle or of an ellipse.
A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc (the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant.
An unbroken part of a circle. Central angle of a circle: An angle whose vertex is the center of a circle.
Airlines Reporting Corporation. See Section 1.0 page 1 of the IAH.
Accounts Recievable Check Conversion - An electronic method which converts physical items for electronic payment by utilizing a third party remittance processor or lock box handler. These items are imaged and converted to ACH debits.
Airline Reporting Corporation. A nonprofit airline-owned corporation that accredits U.S. travel agencies and processes their air sales remittances. The ARC appoints travel agencies to sell airline tickets and oversees the financial details of tracking payments to airlines and the disbursement of commissions to travel agencies. The ARC also sets and enforces standards for agency bonding, handling, and storage of tickets.
To form a voltaic arc, as an electrical current in a broken or disconnected circuit.
Islands or mountains arranged in a great curve. As applied to electricity, the luminous bridge formed by the passage of a current across a gap between two conductors or terminals.
Discharge of electricity through a gas such as lightning discharging through the atmosphere.
A copy of a book released in advance of the publication date. These are typically in a different format before the book is published, often uncorrected and unbound.
Advance Reader's Copy. A paperback edition of a book, put out before the trade edition for publicity.
Advanced Reading Copy. A sample publication produced with author/customer submitted material. Many times this is in an alternate binding (or unbound with small publications) than the main publishing. The reproduction process is usually not the same as the main printing (100+) and therefore differences in quality, text block placement, etc. may occur between the ARC and the published book. For POD, however, this gives the customer the chance to see the quality of photograph the supplied material will produce. Since Gregath works mainly from submitted camera ready copy, an ARC is generally not necessary. Our quality guarantee covers any printer error (such as upside down photos) that may occasionally occur.
prodromal (early) AIDS condition involving mild symptoms, such as skin and chest infections and sometimes Herpes zoster.
abbreviation, AIDS Related Complex. a person with HIV who has symptoms but not severe enough to be classified as having AIDS.
AIDS-related conditions (?), a name for the symptom complex commonly found in AIDS patients such as a decrease in CD4 T-helper cells, recurrent fevers, unexplained weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, and/or fungus infection of the mouth and throat.
Affinity, Reality, and Communication; prerequisites to knowledge practiced by Scientology.
Affinity, Reality, Communication - a basic triangle in Scientology
A word made from the initial letters of Affinity, Reality and Communication which together equate to understanding.(These are the three things necessary to the understanding of something - one has to have some affinity for it, it has to be real to him to some degree and he needs some communication with it before he can understand it.)
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An arc cut into Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, along which the international administrative buildings of the Bahá'í Faith are being built.
The arc slide which carries the tool slide on the sliderest, moved with the tangent screw using the heel of the right hand on a Plant sliderest and some other good designs. Used for centring the tip of the tool at the surface of the work so that convex or even concave shapes can be engine turned.
Alarm Receiving Centre
arc is an ASN.1 compiler written by FORGE Research for use in internal projects. It is being released under a BSD-like licence. arc creates Java source code that uses the basic ASN.1 classes that were created for use with other FORGE projects. These basic ASN.1 classes are included in the arc distribution.
Agricultural Research Council
Academic Research Committee - a standing committee of Academic Council.
ARC is used to create and maintain file archives. An archive is a group of files collected together into one file in such a way that the individual files may be recovered intact.
Archive file format. Most commonly associate with DOS-based machines. This format stores 1+ files in a compressed format in an archive file.
Compressed archive Common
Atlanta Regional Commission. The ARC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the ten county metro Atlanta region, including: Cherokee, Cobb, Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Fayette, Rockdale, Henry, and Douglas Counties
Alaska Road Commission, pre-statehood days. Known now as the Alaska Department of Highways.
Appalachia Regional Commission
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An arc is a shape that is composed of many points, but is not closed, so has two endpoints. (Ideally, an arc would be composed of an infinite number of points; practically, they are composed of straight lines that are joined by points called nodes.) Examples are rivers, streets, and pathways. From a mathematical perspective, an arc has a length, a beginning and an end, a right and a left. Arcs that have direction are sometimes called routes.
A coverage feature class used to represent linear features (lines).
A connection between nodes in the vector GIS model.
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The path of a gradual hook of the ball.
Ball path from the foulline to the headpin that does not have a sharp, defined break point.
A type of ball reaction favored by many players in that the ball has a slower continuous hooking action rather than the "skid-snap" reaction of some aggressive balls. Note that if you have a highly aggressive ball that is causing too much over/under reaction, you can tame the ball somewhat by dulling the surface from the shine with a 600 or 800 wet sanded grit.
Association of Retarded Citizens. The "Arc of Montgomery County" supports people who have mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families. WEBSITE
Association for Residential Care
Formerly the Association of Retarded Citizens of the United States. The ARC is the country's largest voluntary organization committed to the welfare of all children and adults with mental retardation and their families. The ARC is a charitable nonprofit organization supported by contributions from the general public.
The apparent arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body. The diurnal arc is described during the daytime, the nocturnal arc during the night.
A line in the sky from horizon to horizon which extends 180 degrees.
the apparent path of the Sun, Moon and other celestial objects across the sky
American River Conservancy
The Arc is a 150 km long river in the Savoie département of south-eastern France. It is a left tributary of the Isère River, which it joins at Chamousset, approximately 15 km downstream from Albertville. Its source is near the border with Italy, in the Graian Alps, northeast of Bonneval-sur-Arc.
The Arc is an 85 km long river in the south of France. It arises at an altitude of 470 m, close to the village of Pourcieux. It then passes through Aix-en-Provence before flowing into the Étang de Berre, a lake to the west of Marseille.
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The Annals of Roscrea
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Almost Ready to Crash. A rc airplane or helicopter that's experiencing it's first take-off.
"Almost Ready to Cover" An ARF airplane that is not covered which allows you to chose your own covering scheme Report this Word See also: ARF Added by: bubbagates
In a projective plane, a k-arc is a set of k points no three of which are collinear. In general, in PG(n,q), a k-arc is a set of k points any n+1 of which form a basis for PG(n,q). Sets of k points in PG(n,q) with the property that no three points are collinear are called k-caps. k-arcs in PG(2,q) are thus k-caps, but this terminology is never used.
One partial revolution of the radiation source in an external beam radiation therapy treatment. An arc is defined by its starting and ending points, plane of rotation, etc.
Let \pi be a finite projective plane (not necessarily Desarguesian) of order q. A (k,d) -arc A (k\leq 1,d\leq 1)is a set of k points of \pi such that each line intersects A in at most d points, and there is at least one line that does intersect A in d points.
Governmental acronym for ad hoc requirements committee.
See Admissions and Release Committee.
Accounting Regulatory Committee (of the EU).
Amstelveen Rugby Club
American Red Cross
( American Rottweiler Club) — National American Rottweiler Club.
cv Investigation of volcanic arcs at the rims of tectonic plates Investigation of volcanic arcs at the rims of tectonic plates
A chain of volcanoes (volcanic arc) that sometimes forms on the land when an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate and then slides down underneath it ( subduction).
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Arc is a dialect of Lisp, currently developed by Paul Graham. He wants to make it a language for hackers, because "a programming language is good as a programming language (rather than, say, an exercise in denotational semantics or compiler design) if and only if hackers like it."
a word coined from the initial letters of ffinity, eality and ommunication.
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Arc Appmosphere RDF Classes
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The Arc of Arizona
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a foil kite manufactured by Peter Lynn
This occurs during a sealing operation, the buffer is usually damaged, either by deposits of carbon, or holes through the material. If the damage is not too extensive, the burned area may be cleaned with solvent to remove the carbon deposits, and/or lightly sanded. The reason for getting rid of the carbon is that r.f. is attracted to it and will keep on reacting to it if you don't get rid of it. The damaged area may then be patched with a single layer of mylar tape approximately .001" thick. Clean the die up also. If the damage is more severe, replace the entire buffer. Make sure the Arc Suppressor sensitivity is set to the most sensitive setting. Make sure this is working before continuing. See Surface flash
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Airport Reference Code
AAD Reference Code
Annual Report Code. The ARC is a 6-digit code assigned to every DaFIS account. It determines the account's function, school or college, and department. An example is 620100 - Public Service Graduate School of Management.
Aerial Resupply and Communication
in graph theory, an arc is a directional relation that has an explicit origin and destination, represented by a line between entities with an arrowhead at the destination.
A representation of a property in a graph form; specifically the edges in a directed labeled graph.
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Arc - Pennsylvania
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Aviation royale du Canada
Pattern for making lampshade, drawn from measurements (Also Lampshade Arc)
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An arc is an individual sub tree of an Object Identifier (OID) tree.
Agricultural Census, Rainfall & Computers
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The location of all satellites above the equator, also known as "Clark Belt"
Annual Registration Charge. A compulsory charge levied on providers of international education and training services.
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A line along a set of knots. Its shape is determined by one or more elliptical arcs.
Shape of object. ልዋይ View
ambient reference concentration
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Automatic Reception Control
With regard to digital spatial data, a sequence of coordinates that define a complex line
See line.
Asset Reconstruction Companies
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Architecture Building, 325 Church Street
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Auction Rate Certificates
A means of identifying two or more mutually exclusive relationships or foreign keys. See also exclusive arc.
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An older DOS archiving format.
Application Registration Card
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See Green Card
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ARCnet network
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See archiver process (ARCn)