Definitions for "Involute"
Keywords:  inward, adaxial, roll, petals, margin
Rolled inward from the edges; -- said of leaves in vernation, or of the petals of flowers in ├Žstivation.
Turned inward at the margin, as the exterior lip of the Cyprea.
Rolled inward spirally.
Keywords:  unwinds, unwound, taut, trace, curve
A curve traced by the end of a string wound upon another curve, or unwound from it; -- called also evolvent. See Evolute.
A curve described by the end of a string as it unwinds from a cylinder while remaining taut.
(n) A curve defined as the spiral trace of a point on a flexible line unwinding from around a line, circle, or polygon. The contacting surfaces between gear teeth are designed as involutes.
Keywords:  inrolled
Keywords:  coiled, whorl, obscured, shell, axis
Refers to a tightly coiled shell in which the inner whorls are largely concealed by the last whorl
(of some shells) closely coiled so that the axis is obscured