Definitions for "Typhoid"
Infectious fever causing rash and severe stomach problems & often death
A serious infectious disease caused by a type of salmonella bacteria. The main sources of this infection are unclean water and milk. The disease can also be spread when people do not wash their hands after using the toilet. Symptoms include high fever, spots on the chest and abdomen, and intestinal problems. Typhoid can be deadly, but it can be prevented by vaccination and avoided with good public sanitation and personal hygiene.
There are 16 million cases of typhoid fever a year and more than 600,000 deaths. Eighty per cent of these are in Asia and most others are in Africa and Latin America. The disease is transmitted through faeces-contaminated food or water. Salmonella typhii, the bacterium responsible for causing the disease, has developed resistance to commonly-used antibiotics. Safe drinking water, hygienic food-handling and adequate sanitary facilities are essential for prevention of infection. A vaccine exists but it does not give complete protection and patients who survive take several months to recover.
Of or pertaining to typhus; resembling typhus; of a low grade like typhus; as, typhoid symptoms.