Definitions for "Cytomegalovirus"
A viral infection that, when contracted by a pregnant woman, can result in severe newborn illness, and sometimes lead to chronic disabilities such as mental retardation, vision and hearing loss.
A virus related to the herpes family found in the lung, liver, blood, bowel, brain and eyes. Symptoms: May produce no symptoms or mild flu-like symptoms; Infections can produce hepatitis, pneumonia, retinitis, colitis and/or encephalitis.
Virus that may lie dormant for many years in patients who were infected in the past. Frequently causes infection in transplant patients. Probably mostly transferred by oral contact, but can also be transferred by blood products. Drugs to prevent or treat the infection exist
Metabolite Stomach
Mucus Tetracycline Myositis Thermoregulation
Myosin Stomach Myositis Strabismus
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Methotrexate Thyrotropin
Keywords:  microsomal, thrombosis
Microsomal Thrombosis
Keywords:  mammography
Keywords:  microbiology, thyroxine
Microbiology Thyroxine
Keywords:  malaise
Melanoma Toxoplasma Membrane Toxoplasmosis
Megakaryocytes Systemic Membrane
Megacolon Systemic Mesenteric
Maxillary Surgical Melanosis Syphilis
Keywords:  lidocaine, sterility
Lidocaine Sterility
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Lymphoma Testicular
Keywords:  mycobacterium, tolerance
Mycobacterium Tolerance
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Vaginal Obstetrics Vaginitis
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Mitosis Tears
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Toxin Oral Transfusion
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Ointments Urinary Oral Uterus