Definitions for "cmv "
A herpes virus that is a common cause of infections in persons with AIDS and other persons with immune suppression. While CMV can infect most organs of the body, persons with AIDS are most susceptible to CMV retinitis (infection of the eye) and colitis (infection of the colon).
A very common viral infection in transplant patients that can affect the lungs and other organs. A member of the family of herpes viruses.
any of a group of herpes viruses that enlarge epitheltial cells and can cause birth defects; can affect humans with impaired immunological systems
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"Common Mode Voltage." The voltage which is tolerable between signal and ground.
The AC or DC voltage which is tolerable between signal and ground. One type of CMV is specified between SIG LO and PWR GND. In differential meters, a second type of CMV is specified between SIG HI or LO and ANA GND (METER GND).
This specifies the DC voltage which is tolerable between input low and power ground. When the equipment is operated from logic level power the CMV is apt to be in the order of 0.5 VDC or less. Using batteries or a transformer-isolated power supply permits an instrument to be operated at a higher CMV, usually in the order of 100 VDC when related to panel instrumentation. In a differential measurement system, the common mode voltage usually represents an interfering signal. The common mode voltage is the average of the voltages on the two input signal lines with respect to ground level of the measuring system.
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cmv is a Perl script that lets you easily rename multiple files in complex ways on Unix systems. The main advantage of cmv over other methods is that it finds the right order to rename files so that no files get clobbered. For instance, something like "cmv 'tr/abcd/bcda/' a b c d" will rename all the files without any of them disappearing.
Current Market Value. CMV refers to the closing market price of a position on the most recent business day. J.B. Oxford & Company will use a reasonable estimate if no closing price is available.
Current Market Value. The worth of all positions in a client's brokerage account. To determine the portfolio's current market value, stocks and bonds are valued at their closing prices. For over-the-counter securities, the bid is used. See: Closing Price; Long Market Value; Over The Counter; Over The Counter Securities; Short Market Value
Competitive Market Value. the calculated value of a subject property compared to a competitive property.
Continuous Mandatory Ventilation. An abbreviation for continuous mandatory ventilation; The application of pressure greater than atmospheric at the airway opening during every inspiration, used to support ventilation
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Commercial Motor Vehicle