Definitions for "airway"
The pipes that make up the respiratory system.
The part of the respiratory tract that allows air to pass from the nose and mouth to the lungs.
Refers to the tube that connects the mouth to the lungs - the pharynx and bronchi.
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An officially designated air route with sectors defined as specific courses to or from directional radio stations.
An air route with ground organisation.
A control area in the form of a corridor, the centre line of which is defined by radio navigational aids.
the space between the attic insulation and the roof decking. This space allows air movement and attic venting.
A space between roof insulation and roof boards which allows air movement
The space between roof insulation and roof boards, which allows for movement of air.
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The airways in which controlled flights fly are internationally agreed and represented by geographic coordinates. These coordinates are entered into the FMS (–), and help pilots to find their way. (– Waypoint, Reporting point)
a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
A path or a continuous designated space of air through which aircraft are directed to fly by air traffic control. Called a jetway at altitudes above 18,000 feet.
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a duct that provides ventilation, as in mines.
Any underground gallery or passage through which a portion of the ventilation passes, that is, the air is carried. Sometimes referred to as an air course. Also called wind road.
Any passage through which air is carried. Also known as an air course.
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Airway was a musical ensemble based within the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
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a device that helps keep the mouth and windpipe open so