Definitions for "Roof"
A horizontal section of rock where the exposed plane faces the ground.
The top part of a curve, where ice overhangs the run.
Significantly overhanging part of a climb which could be horizontal
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The surface or bed of rock immediately overlying a bed of coal or a flat vein.
The rock immediately above a coal seam. It is commonly a shale and is often carbonaceous in character and softer than similar rocks higher up in the roof strata. The roof shale may contain streaks and wisps of coaly material which tends to weaken the deposit. Roof in coal mining corresponds to hanging wall in metal mining.
A stratum of rock or other mineral above a coal seam or the overhead surface of an underground coal working place. Same as "back" or "top."
The cover of any building, including the roofing (see Roofing) and all the materials and construction necessary to carry and maintain the same upon the walls or other uprights. In the case of a building with vaulted ceilings protected by an outer roof, some writers call the vault the roof, and the outer protection the roof mask. It is better, however, to consider the vault as the ceiling only, in cases where it has farther covering.
That which resembles, or corresponds to, the covering or the ceiling of a house; as, the roof of a cavern; the roof of the mouth.
To cover with a roof.
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To block a spike, usually straight down for a point.
a successful offensive block
Big block at the net straight down to end a rally.
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FLAPS These flaps are sections at the rear of a race vehicle's roof that are designed to activate, or flip up, if the air pressure flowing across them decreases. In the case of a vehicle turning backwards, the tendency for an uninterrupted flow of air is to create lift. The roof flaps are designed to disrupt that airflow in attempt to keep the vehicle on the ground.
UK Horse Racing slang. The 'tic-tac' term for 4/1.
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see celing
a gallery project space intending to bring together a network of multidisciplinary artists who share a critical vision of contemporary art practice and its relevance
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a big investment and, for optimum performance, it should be regularly inspected and maintained
a big investment - and it's also one of the most important you can make for the protection and overall value of your home
a long-term investment and it's well worth doing thorough checking
To inclose in a house; figuratively, to shelter.
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The little strip in the middle od the board used to put the hited checkers on it. After a checker is hit it must re-enter the game to the opponent's home board before the player can continue his game
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an impervious surface
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a major purchase, so be sure to do your homework
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See "Bar"
Analog to bar.
A Features field to indicate the type of roofing material. (Shingle, Tile, etc.)
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Refers to a function that rounds data up to the next integer.
a very different environment from a garden rooted in natural soil at ground level, however
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a waste of money
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When the wall is about 180?.
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where ever you live