Definitions for "Knockdown"
Keywords:  splatter, overwhelms, fell, lfg, lfm
That which knocks one down; something that overpowers or overwhelms, as strong liquor; specif., a kind of ale or beer that is very strong.
A knocking down; a felling by a knock, as of a combatant, or of an animal; a blow that overwhelms; also, a fist fight.
Something that knocks down, or takes apart, for packing or removal, as a piece of furniture; also, state of being knocked down, or taken apart.
Arranged construction materials that are delivered to the building site unassembled but complete and ready to be assembled and installed.
(furniture) easily assembled and dismantled; "I bought a knockdown chest at the do-it-yourself store"
A design feature that allows a piece of furniture to be easily disassembled by the use of special hardware or joinery.
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When a boat is knocked on her beam-ends by a sudden gust or squall, especially under spinnaker
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See Broach.
Occurs when a defender knocks the opposing team's quarterback to the turf following a running or passing play. Not considered a sack because the quarterback has relinquished possession of the ball by the time the defender hits him.
A method of expressing the total effect of a compound before mortality has occurred. The test insect is unable to maintain its normal position in relation to the environment. Sometimes test insects recover from knockdown effects, although ordinary mortality occurs.
The ruling when a contestant is knocked to the floor, or is deemed unable to continue.
Keywords:  rivet, upsetting, fastening, head, end
Designating a rivet end to be formed into a head by upsetting in fastening.
When an individual is anesthetized for a procedure.
An alteration of a gene so that it may be expressed conditionally.