Definitions for "Contestant"
a student in a school for secondary education in the period September to December in the year before IOI'n, and is under the age of twenty at the day of the Opening Ceremony of IOI'n
a person who dissents from some established policy
Any person who files a petition of contest under ORS 258.036. ORS 258.006
a person who participates in competitions
A contestant is someone who takes part in a competition, usually a professional competition or a game show on television. The participants competing against each other have to go through rounds. The winners may have to compete in later stages or rounds until there is just one winner.
One who contests; an opponent; a litigant; a disputant; one who claims that which has been awarded to another.
Keywords:  mates, team, pair, partners, four
In an individual event, a player; in a pair event, two players playing as partners throughout the event; in a team event, four or more players playing as team-mates.