Definitions for "Claims"
That part of a patent which defines the metes and bounds of the invention. These are found at the end of the patent specification in the form of numbered paragraphs.
Concise written statements that define the invention covered by the patent application. What falls within that definition is protected by the patent-anything outside it, is not protected.
the parts of a patent which define the boundaries of patent protection.
If a customer's goods are lost or damaged, a claim may be made. All claims should be made within the time limits set out in the contract between the mover and the customer, or in the insurance document.
A claim means a separate incident such as an accident, theft of or damage to your vehicle. Claims must be declared whether they were your fault or not.
A demand, supported by evidence, to show that the claimant has sustained a loss through the negligence of a carrier. The principal kinds are: Damage Claim due to physical injury to shipment or because shipment was not delivered within a reasonable time. Loss Claim due to failure to deliver goods. Overcharge Claims when more than the legally published charges were collected. Reparation Claims for a refund of charges which, while in accordance with legally published tariffs, are unreasonable or unjust and the carrier has since published the lower reasonable rate.
rights to repayment made by creditors against a debtor; they may be liquidated, unliquidated, fixed, contingent, matured, unmatured, secured, unsecured, subordinated, legal or equitable. See specific entries and see priority of claims.
claims - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Those things a character knows and/or believes about him/herself (i.e. education, class, status, wealth, tastes, habits, predilections, weaknesses, temptations, vices, position in family or present company, where born, age, where living etc.)
A policy owner's request on the insurance company for payment of benefits according to the provisions of a policy.
Notification submitted to an insurer (or the claims administrator) requesting payment for a covered expense under the terms of the insurance contract.
In MOD and S/ER: A request to a vendor or publisher to supply a piece that was ordered by the Libraries but has not yet been received
A claim is an assertion of the truth of something, typically one which is disputed or in doubt. Several claims can be made as a set. For example, someone may claim that their last name is “Smith”, their first name is “John” and that their date of birth is “June 17th 1965”. These claims can be corroborated by a trusted third party to provide some level of assurance as to the accuracy of a claim.
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a "first for any quick-service restaurant chain
a first) the chipset is able to handle up to four Serial ATA drives at a time in various RAID configurations
a first for sports videogames, an in-game telemetry system will provide real-time information about opponents such as passing tendencies, scoring history and player health
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a "funding crisis
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a Russian front
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an entrance wound
a complex and labor-intensive job
a violation of the National Labor Relations Act
Bills for services. Claims are sent by physicians, hospitals, labs and other providers.
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Commercial Consulting
Oral, written, implied, or symbolic representations, statements, or advertising or other forms of communication presented to the public or buyers of agricultural products that relate to the organic certification process or the term, "100 percent organic," "organic," or "made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s))," or, in the case of agricultural products containing less than 70 percent organic ingredients, the term, "organic," on the ingredients panel.
Process or procedure by which a benefit is received. Procedures for specific benefits are addressed under each topic. Telephone number for claims are: Dental - 405-607-2100 or 1-800-522-0188 and Health -1-800-323-9930.
Computer Linked Application Information Management System (INS)
The basis for filing an application that allows for the determination of the person entitled to the registration of the mark.
Computer Linked Automated Information Management System
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Demand as one's due or property.