Definitions for "Novelty"
A condition required for patents to be granted, and for designs to be registrable; an invention or design must not have been made public, anywhere in the world, before the filing date (or priority date)(FR:Nouveauté, IT:Novità)
Condition foreseen by the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) in its convention as well as by the European Union in its Regulation (EC) 2100/94 on Community plant variety rights in order to grant a breeder's right. A plant variety will be new if, at the date of the filing of the application for a breeder's right, propagating or harvested material of the variety has not been sold or otherwise disposed of to others, by or with the consent of the breeder, for purposes of exploitation of the variety. This novelty requirement does not relate to the condition of novelty foreseen for patents and designs. (FR:Nouveauté (Droits d'obtenteur de variétés), IT:Novità (diritti dei costituenti di varietà vegetali) )
An invention or design is novel if it has not been publicly disclosed, whether in a document (such as an earlier patent) or by use, anywhere in the world before a patent application is filed. For a patent application to be granted, the invention claimed must be novel. Before filing a patent or registered design application, it is essential to ensure that there is no non-confidential disclosure, which would render a patent invalid because the invention is already known. See Patentability
Device containing small amounts of pyrotechnic and/or explosive composition but not falling under the category of consumer fireworks. Such devices produce limited visible or audible effects. Examples are snakes, tanks, poppers and snappers.
This is a type of firework that consists of vehicles, animals, and other misc. items.
Fireworks items that limited in their potential to harm people and property, such as snaps, snakes, poppers, and (sometimes) sparklers.
Something novel; a new or strange thing.
a general term that refers to a fabric that is not basic or common, i.e. one that has unusual or special effects in the yarn, weave, coloring or finishing.
A postcard which deviates in any way from the norm. Cards which do something or have articles attached to them, or are printed in an unusual size or on strange materials.
A small mass-produced article of little value; a knickknack.
a small inexpensive mass-produced article
a small manufactured adornment, especially a personal adornment
A promotional item which is novel; usually embodying the name or logo of the company issuing it, and mostly cheap, ie., a give-away.
Novelty or whimsical jewelry is less serious than traditional jewelry styling. Novelty can contain fun motifs, words, animals or icons. Most novelty is designed in the pin classification.(empty)
cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing
Novelty was an early steam locomotive built by John Ericsson and John Braithwaite to take part in the Rainhill Trials.
Novelty is a seminal record from the early 90's by Jawbox. Many of their fans consider it their best album, particularly those faithful to the record label Dischord.
originality by virtue of being refreshingly novel
originality by virtue of being new and surprising
The quality or state of being novel; newness; freshness; recentness of origin or introduction.
a sports hall equipped with bowling which will even satisfy the needs of top sportsmen
A recent introduction, A seedling or a sport, possessing unexpected but desirable qualities.
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the emergence ofa new caharcteristic that did not prevbiously exist in the physical universe
A new move in the opening. Sometimes called a ''theoretical novelty'' (TN).
intriguingly different: interestingly so
Anything different from prior art.
This style describes anything that fits into some theme, such as horses, roosters, or billiards.
Print A fabric printed with small themed designs. These are popular for making quilts with a focus such as sea life, vegetables, toys, etc. Also called "conversation" prints and "craft" prints.
item elated to a political event or person but not issued for a campaign, often lampooning its subject
an Asia Term for students at the Bachelor's Level at the Singapore Management University
a move that hasn't been played before and that changes the evaluation of a position