Definitions for "Satin"
Keywords:  lustrous, dull, sheen, glossy, lingerie
A silk cloth, of a thick, close texture, and overshot woof, which has a glossy surface.
Almost every fabric that is used to make clothing has also been used at one time or another to make handbags. Satin is a fabric that has a lustrous face and dull back. Handbag in green satin Made by - MAGID photo provided by substatic Handbag in black satin Made by - LEWIS photo provided by substatic
the most popular wedding gown fabric, glossy on one side.
glass containing many tiny air bubble striations that give a shimmering, tone-on-tone pulled taffy effect
A super-tough acrylic surface coating that is baked on resulting in a 45 micron coating that resists fading and discolouration. Sometimes referred to as "paint", it is in fact a superior coating applied at high temperatures in a higher quality process than the paint coatings on longrun steel.
Secure Australian Telecommunications and Information Network
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is a hand procedure which produces fine lines on an item prior to plating.