Definitions for "Sheen"
Keywords:  gloss, glisten, luster, glitter, dull
Bright; glittering; radiant; fair; showy; sheeny.
To shine; to glisten.
Brightness; splendor; glitter.
Sheen is a place in southwest London nearby to Barnes, Roehampton and Putney to the east and Richmond to the west. It is commonly split into three areas, East Sheen, Temple Sheen, and North Sheen.
A rich-sounding overlay of velvety-smooth airiness or guttiness. A quality of outstanding HF smoothness and ease.
Keywords:  konkless, slick, pop, otherwise, music
music that sounds too slick,pop,or otherwise konkless.
Keywords:  notable, textile, exhibiting
a textile exhibiting notable sheen.
Keywords:  iridescence, another, name
Another name for iridescence.