Definitions for "Matt"
Keywords:  dull, shiny, glossy, etched, nonglossy
The lowest sheen paint. Matt paint s have very low light reflectance and usually a high pigment content. This can have the undesirable side-effect of reducing the durability compared to mid- and high- sheen finishes and if a model is to be handled it can be advisable to consider applying a finishing coat of varnish.
Dull surface giving little or no reflection.
the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
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A 50-ish professor, avid tennis player, and fellow wizard at the Brandeis MOO, and a well matched Scrabble opponent for me, even if we very rarely play these days.
Individual egoistic thinking that leads one to believe ones particular faith, philosophy is the only true one. Egoistic thinking which denies the universal Sikh Dharma.
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often referred to as 'doing a Matt' or 'Matt manoeuver'. This is when a player makes a premature fold. They who have hit a good hand if they had not done so. A general term for making a mistake.
a urethane based low viscosity prepolymer jointing sand stabiliser of exceptional effectiveness with a high order of UV resistance
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a very cool guy who makes class enjoyable
Keywords:  friend, mine, worker
a friend/co-worker of mine
Keywords:  junior, college, strong, transfer
a junior college transfer who is very strong
Keywords:  straw, target, behind, disk, face
Straw disk behind the target face.
Keywords:  mount, american, term
American term for MOUNT.
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See Matte.