Definitions for "Viscosity"
The quality or state of being viscous.
A property possessed by a viscous fluid, being a resistance to the forces causing a fluid to flow, caused by interactions between the molecules of the fluid and between the fluid and the walls of the conduit through which it moves; also, a measure of such a property.
The measure of a fluid's tendency to resist a shearing force. The viscosity of a fluid affects the degree to which it resists flow under an applied force. Viscosity can remain constant, increase, or decrease as shear rate (flow rate) increases. Absolute viscosity is generally measured in centipoise. Kinematic viscosity includes the influence of the specific gravity of the fluid and is generally measured in centistokes. Kinematic Viscosity X Specific Gravity = Absolute Viscosity
A measure of the coating thickness of melted chocolate, which determines its ability to coat or enrobe confections. Melted chocolate has varying degrees of viscosity depending on its types (dark, milk, or white) and whether or not it is couverture, which contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than regular chocolate.
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An indication of cellulose DP(degree of polymerization) obtained by measuring the viscosity of a cellulose solution of known concentration.
Volatile organic compounds "VOCs"
Volatility Warpage Water Absorption
The syrupiness of water and it determines the mobility of the water. When the temperature rises, the viscosity degrades; this means that water will be less mobile at higher temperatures.
The viscosity of honey decreases rapidly as its temperature rises. 1% moisture is equivalent to about 3.5 °C in its effect on viscosity. The viscosity can be adjusted to fit any manufacturing delivery system.
the ratio of the magnitude of an applied shear stress to the velocity gradient that it produces.
Capability possessed by a solid of yielding continually under stress.
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In object oriented programming, viscosity refers to the ease at which a developer can add design-preserving code to a system. If it is easier to add a hack than it is to add code that fits into the program's design, then the system has high viscosity. If it is easy to add new code to the program while maintaining the design, then the program has low viscosity.
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Viscosity index (VI) Volt-Ampere (VA)
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Thickening of the semen.