Definitions for "Capillary action"
Also called capillary attraction. Process by which water is drawn up through the soil or, in cases when watering devices are used, drawn up into the soil from a saucer or some form of reservoir. Popular self-watering devices, which employ capillary action, include the Watermaid, MiniWell, MaxiWell and the spill-proof WaterShip.
The depression or elevation of the meniscus of a liquid contained in a tube of small diameter due to the combined effects of gravity, surface tension, and the forces of cohesion and adhesion. When the liquid wets the walls of a container, the meniscus is shaped convex downward; if the liquid does not wet the walls of the container, the meniscus is shaped convex upward.
The natural upward movement of water in confined areas, such as the spaces between soil particles.