Definitions for "Percolation"
The act or process of percolating, or filtering; filtration; straining. Specifically (Pharm.), the process of exhausting the virtues of a powdered drug by letting a liquid filter slowly through it.
Downward flow or filtering of water through pores or spaces in rock or soil.
The movement of water through soil or rock; infiltration.
A condition in which the fuel actually "boils" due to excessive heat. Percolation prevents proper atomization of the fuel causing rough running.
Phenomenon that occurs during a hot soak period: Fuel in the main system between the float bowl and the main discharge nozzle boils over, vapor bubbles push liquid fuel out of main system into venturi, fuel falls onto throttle plate and trickles into manifold. Excess vapor from fuel bowl and from bubbles escaping down the main well are heavier than air and drift down into manifold. This makes engine hard to start.yPhenolic spacerzƒLƒƒƒu‚ƃCƒ“ƒ}ƒjŠÔ‚Ì”M“Iâ‰‚Ì‚1/2‚ß‚ÉŽg‚í‚ê‚é”Md‰»«Ž÷Ž‰‚̃Xƒy[ƒTBƒx[ƒXƒKƒXƒPƒbƒgB
In error recovery, the passing along a preestablished path of control from a recovery routine to a higher-level recovery routine.
Staple fiber migration though cover material.
one of the various methods of extraction of active principles from raw material (vegetable). The solvent passes through the raw material without this being emerged in the liquid (see: production liqueurs in this site)
a non-clustered set of forms seperated by at least one point in the initiator