Definitions for "Initiator"
The initial client in a call chain.
A substance or agent that can start the process of carcinogenesis.
Additive which helps to start polymerization. Examples of initiators are peroxides.
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SCSI term that describes any device that has initiated an input/output operation on another SCSI device on the bus which in turn is called TARG.
A device (usually a host system) that requests an operation to be performed by another device known as a target (usually a peripheral).
the UDI module that initiates a channel operation request. The other end of the channel is known as the responder or provider.
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an FC port that is identified by a unique worldwide name (WWN) of a host bus adapter (HBA) installed on the data host
a port on a Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapter (HBA) that allows a host to gain access to the storage array
a system component that initiates an I/O operation over a Fibre Channel (FC) network
A person empowered by Maharaji to reveal the Knowledge techniques to aspirants in a Knowledge Session.. Formerly known as a mahatma. Maharaji now reveals the Knowledge techniques personally, or via video, so initiators are not necessary.
A eukaryotic promoter sequence for RNA polymerase II that specifies transcription initiation within the sequence.
an a gent that induces a change in a chromosome or gene that leads to the induction of tumours after a second agent, called a promoter, is administered to the tissue
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a machine that runs the ocxQmail
a process that selects the first job with the highest priority from an input queue in order to begin its execution
A line-segment or figure that begins as the beginning geometric shape for a fractal. The initiator is then replaced by the generator for the fractal.
a functional block that initiates transactions within the SoC
The individual responsible for communicating funds transfer information to the financial institution. An Office of the Treasurer staff member is the initiator for most electronic funds transfers.
A person in a group buying situation (e.g. a family) who first suggests buying a particular product or service
The person proposing to buy or replace a product.
The person who initiates a process instance. Sometimes called the creator.
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a person who initiates a course of action
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One who initiates.