Definitions for "Mahatma"
Keywords:  sage, brahmin, atman, great, adepts
One of a class of sages, or "adepts," reputed to have knowledge and powers of a higher order than those of ordinary men.
(Hinduism) term of respect for a Brahmin sage
a great being, one who is beyond all desire and who is established in the state of supreme detachment
Mahatma: name given to the "Avatar of Synthesis," the Mahatma is a group being that pervades all levels of existence and generates a synthesis effect of all energies blending together as they ascend back into one frequency. The Mahatma embodies all of the three hundred and fifty-two levels of the Godhead, and can be called upon by name for an infusion of the synthesis of all frequencies and levels of existence in the multidimensional universe. The Mahatma was physically anchored into the Earth in 1988, one year after the Harmonic Convergence.
Keywords:  raj, dharma, guru, advises, interfere
a Guru who advises but does not interfere, that's raj dharma
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a perfect example of the complete openness of the current London music scene