Definitions for "Jivanmukta"
the one who has attained the Jivanmukti state
A Perfect One. -Vedanta. Sufi: Azad-e-Mutlaq, Saheb-e-jamo-farq, Salik-e-Kamil. See also: Mukta. (1a) Jivanmuktas (singular: Jivanmukta). Those who have attained the "I am God" state with creation-consciousness but are free of spiritual duties; liberated incarnate souls. –Vedanta. Sufi: Azad-e-Mutlaq (singular), Salik-e-Kamil (singular). (1b) One liberated from maya (ignorance obscuring the vision of God) while living in the body. (AJ) The Liberated Incarnate, i.e., God-realized and in the body. A Perfect One. -Sanskrit. (Du) A liberated incarnate, a God-Realized One with Creation-consciousness but no specific duty. (N3)
living liberated man.