Definitions for "LILa"
"Pastimes," the eternal activities of the Supreme Lord in loving reciprocation with His devotees. Unlike the affairs of materially conditioned souls, the Lord's lilas are not restricted by the laws of nature or impelled by the reactions of past deeds. Finite souls who enter those lilas also become completely free.
a transcendental pastime or activity performed by the Supreme Lord
a trancendental pastime or activity performed by the Supreme Lord
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"game"; the Manifested world is often seen as a play of Gods who govern its cycles
Divine play. See the nine modes of bhakti.
The Hindu term for play, drama, and sport. The Rama lila is the fall festival that honors Rama, while the Ras lila is the spring festival in honor of Krishna.
Lila was a minor character in the comic strip Peanuts, created by Charles M. Schulz. She was the original owner of Snoopy, before his eventual life with Charlie Brown and friends.
LIla is a Interlingua system written in JAVA. It uses prolog for translation of a language in Interlingua and back to an other language.
a consumer-directed and regionally focused online project to benefit people with disabilities living in Los Angeles County