Definitions for "Shankarâchârya"
a mystic 8 th centuried philosopher, born in Kerala in a Nambutiri Brahmane family. Endowed with an unsurpassed mind, he deepened and diffused the "advaita" doctrine of the Vedanta. Advaita means "One without a second one"; this vision ( darshana) of the Ultimate Reality is based upon the Maya concept. Maya is the power of illusion which distorts the Reality. Shankarâchârya travelled throughout the whole country, founded many monasteries, and the major monastic orders. He wrote most important texts who were commented latter by a lot of scholars
A great religious saint who reinstated the Vedic knowledge to its pristine glory.
(8th century A.D.) also known as Adi Shankara, a great scholar and philosopher who revived Hinduism; founder of the Advaitic school of thought [ more