Definitions for "Manu"
One of a series of progenitors of human beings, and authors of human wisdom.
(Skt) Progenitor of mankind; collectively, the pitris or entities who begin and end a planetary life cycle.
The father of humanity; the Hindu equivalent of Adam, the first man, and Noah. He is also the reputed author of the Laws of manu, a classic text of Indian juridical theory.
The leader of an evolutionary cycle or manvantara. Manvantara. Cycle of involution and evolution.
a Perfected Being--a Being Who has already developed the perfection of the Godhead and Who offers to a Sun of a System to be the Guardian of a certain number of Spirit Sparks which will be drawn forth to embody upon a Planet
Manu was an animated TV series. Origins unknown it used to air in the UK on The Children's Channel although it had been clearly dubbed into English from its original language. It was about a teenager 'Manu' and situations in his own life and with the rest of his family.
The celebrated law-giver of ancient India, who is supposed to be the author of the Manusamhita, or Code of Manu.
A hobby abbreviation for the term "manumark" meaning manufacturer's mark. (See MM, Manumark).
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Manufacturing (Skill)
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