Definitions for "Indra"
Keywords:  vedic, vajra, demigods, deity, zeus
(in-DRAH): the captain of the Vedic gods, who leads their armies into battles against daemons and monsters; the patron deity of Fighting Tiger Veterans and Terminators.
The Vedic warrior god, wielder of the lightning bold (vajra). He is the liberator from obstructive forces. He set free water and light by killing Vritra, the gigantic and evil snake.
indian name from hindu mythology which means "possessing drops of rain" (sanskrit: indu - "a drop" and ra - "possessing"). indra is the name of the hindu warrior god of the sky and rain.
Indra (Telugu: ఇంద్ర) is a Telugu language action film directed by Gopal B.. It stars Chiranjeevi, Sonali Bendre, and Arti Agarwal.
Indra is a fictional character who currently appears in Marvel Comics. A teenaged mutant, Indra attends the Xavier Institute. He first appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #7.
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the Master of the World of Light and Immortality ( svar); the Power of divine Mind. [ Ved.
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Indra (born 20 July 1967 in Sweden) is a singer, best known in France.