Definitions for "Vajra"
The lighting bolt controlled by Indra, the atmospheric god.
The thunderbolt of Indra, said to have been made of the bones of the Rishi Dandhichi. It is a circular weapon, with a hole in the centre, according t... more
A Sanskrit word, literally meaning 'diamond' or 'thunderbolt', the vajra symbolized the supreme power of the divine Indra, King of the Gods, in Vedic Hinduism. It was transvalued as a symbol of compassion in Mahayana Buddhism. In esoteric sects, the vajra represents the victorious power of knowledge over ignorance.
a raaga in which one or more of the 7 swaras is missing in either the ascending or descending scale. The missing swara is a vajra swara. For example, in SRGPDS, ma and ni are vajra