Definitions for "Sutra"
A collection of such aphorisms.
A body of Hindoo literature containing aphorisms on grammar, meter, law, and philosophy, and forming a connecting link between the Vedic and later Sanscrit literature.
teaching; scripture.
Means, “stitch.” A short verse containing potent spiritual knowledge. When a group of such short verses are brought together, they “stitch” together the whole of knowledge. Particular sutras can be used for the purpose of structured samyama practice, as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The use of sutras in samyama can have dramatic effects on the course of the enlightenment process in the nervous system, and can also lead to the manifestation of siddhis (powers).
a form of religious literature which presents, in aphoristic form, some of the requirements of Vedic philosophy
a set of rules in Sanskrit literature (philosophy) on a great many subjects according to Hindu laws
Sutra: a Spiritual passage or writing in Buddhism.
a collection of concise statements, a narrative or manual, written so they might be more easily memorized
a statement of spiritual principle that the practitioners memorize and then chant, usually daily
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a meditation or precept
a blissful dose of pure, crystalline, sonic narcotic
Keywords:  haunting, blend
a haunting blend
Keywords:  hastes, swift, quick, rapid, fast
is fast/swift/quick/hastes/rapid at doing/being/bringing about x (event/state)
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As in Hinduism, a sacred text.
a string binding together many gems in a necklace
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a method, then, venerated throughout the three periods of time
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It is a "path" necessarily passed through in the cultivation of the Way.
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a very condensed thing
a code that expresses the essence of all knowledge in a minimum of words
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chain for neck
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a technical guide of the art of making love
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a perfect case in point
a method respected by living beings of three periods of time