Definitions for "Mantra"
A prayer; an invocation; a religious formula; a charm.
Mantra Tantra and Yantra form three parts of the Indian system of Sadhanas without which all practices are incomplete. Mantra denotes the configuration of particular words which when chanted in a definite rhythm, produce miraculous resonant effects through which the whole nature and the universe can be controlled according to one's wish. The other two i.e. Tantra denotes an organised method of Sadhana practice and Yantra denotes the special figures and equipment used in the Sadhanas.
subtle sound vibrations which liberate mental forces
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Mantra is the latest album produced by Pakistani pop singer, Faakhir.This album was released in 2005. It contained many tracks that were major hits and his videos were exceptional quality that made them even more popular.
In 1995 Shelter released their critically acclaimed album Mantra. With this album the band moved away from the more punk pop style and created a melodic hardcore style. The song “Here We Go” even became a hardcore anthem.
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Mantra was a comic book series written by Mike Barr, pencilled by Terry Dodson and published by Malibu Comics in the mid 1990s until it was purchased by Marvel Comics, leading to the cancellation of the title after 24 issues.
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Mantra is a centralized, web-based Usenet newsreader written in PHP. It uses a PostgreSQL database to store overview and cache information and features SQL, NIS and LDAP users support, article scoring, RDF/RSS, usage statistics, online logs, and more.
a direct way of creating peace within yourself - instantly, whenever you need it
a mechanical way of checking vibration
a sound or vibration that when spoken, allows you to connect to a higher part of yourself
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a string of them, like a rosary
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a group voice and the achievement is a collective achievement that draws its strength from the agreements and additions (differences) in voices
an exciting new trio dedicated to forging an original voice in Jazz
a leading Indian Internet brand owned by Bharti Broadband Networks Limited, which set up India's first multinational Internet Company
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a mass of Tejas or radiant energy
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This term hasn't been defined yet
a tool that delivers us from destructive mental habits and the bondage of predetermined life circumstances, or karma
a tool for reflection and the cultivation of awareness, and is used for both concentration and contemplation on the Source
a condensed form of the whole inner pilgrimage
a strategy to take away your illusions, and when the illusions are taken away, that which remains behind is the truth
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a very, very special thing to be understood
Mantra is a multi-platform C++ library for dealing with many common problems of modern software design.
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a point of focus
Keywords:  spell, things, take
a spell to take away things which are not really there
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a motion made with the mouth
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a secret key