Definitions for "ChaNT"
To utter with a melodious voice; to sing.
To celebrate in song.
To sing or recite after the manner of a chant, or to a tune called a chant.
Chant is a lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon, behind the southwest limb as seen from the Earth. It lies within the southwestern part of the blanket of ejecta surrounding the Mare Orientale, beyond the Montes Cordillera mountainous ring. To the west-northwest is the large Blackett walled plain.
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An expression that means news, local gossip, the facts, the moods, or anything else about what's happening. "What's the chant?" is a way of asking for the latest information on a basher's heard.
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Twang; manner of speaking; a canting tone.
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charge chase
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ChaNT is a open source web-based chat system written in PHP and JavaScript.
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a poem, usually of no fixed form, but in which one or more lines are repeated over and over