Definitions for "Lick"
Keywords:  riff, solo, jazz, guitar, melody
a melodic phrase, as opposed to a Riff which is a Rhythmic phrase
a musical phrase, melody , passage or capability that a lead can call upon in moments of spontaneity or planned progressions
A phrase that an improvisor has practiced for use in improvisation, or one that sounds practiced
Keywords:  tongue, dog, lap, stroke, cat
To draw or pass the tongue over; as, a dog licks his master's hand.
To lap; to take in with the tongue; as, a dog or cat licks milk.
A stroke of the tongue in licking.
To strike with repeated blows for punishment; to flog; to whip or conquer, as in a pugilistic encounter.
(boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
Keywords:  greaves, crisium, mare, lunar, basaltic
Lick is a lunar crater that has been flooded with basaltic lava. The north rim is attached to the smaller, bowl-shaped Greaves crater. The Lick crater lies on the southwest edge of Mare Crisium.
Keywords:  salt, settlers, buffalo, deer, resort
A place where salt is found on the surface of the earth, to which wild animals resort to lick it up; -- often, but not always, near salt springs. Called also salt lick.
an exposure of mineral salts which attracted animals and subsequently settlers: Deer Lick.
a salt deposit that animals regularly lick
molasses; also called blackstrap or larrup.
Keywords:  pigface, elf, chicago, invisible, band
Lick was a band on chicago's Invisible Records in the 1990's. Members have played with Pigface, The Final Cut, Project Elf and more.
During breeding season, whitetails lick branches overhanging scrapes as a method of communication.
Keywords:  snatch, tune, little
a little snatch of a tune
Keywords:  boss, unpleasant, math, isn't, did
find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of; "did you solve the problem?"; "Work out your problems with the boss"; "this unpleasant situation isn't going to work itself out"; "did you get it?"; "Did you get my meaning?"; "He could not work the math problem"
Keywords:  dredge, crabs, wintering, summer, drawn
Term used to describe dredging for crabs; a dredge is drawn across the bottom to catch wintering crabs or summer soft crabs
beat thoroughly in a competition or fight; "We licked the other team on Sunday!"
Keywords:  pink, promise, skin
a promise Pink skin
Keywords:  female, oral, perform, sex
To perform oral sex on a female