Definitions for "Dredge"
A mixture of oats and barley.
To sift or sprinkle flour, etc., on, as on roasting meat.
To coat food in flour or breadcrumbs or cornmeal prior to being fried or sauted. The coating helps to brown the food and provides a crunchy surface.
Any instrument used to gather or take by dragging; as: (a) A dragnet for taking up oysters, etc., from their beds. (b) A dredging machine. (c) An iron frame, with a fine net attached, used in collecting animals living at the bottom of the sea.
To catch or gather with a dredge; to deepen with a dredging machine.
A metal frame with a net used for scraping oysters from the bottom of the Bay.
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a "vessel" under the LHWCA
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(verb) To excavate in water. (noun) The piece of machinery used to excavate in water.
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a like platform which floats on an artificial lake
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Very fine mineral matter held in suspension in water.