Definitions for "Artificial"
Made or contrived by art; produced or modified by human skill and labor, in opposition to natural; as, artificial heat or light, gems, salts, minerals, fountains, flowers.
1) A call or play that is not natural. 2) A bidding system that contains many such calls.
(1) not natural;(2) (of a call) (a) not indicating a desire to play in the named (or, if not a bid, in the last-named) strain; or (b) offering information relevant to a specific strain other than the one named (or, if not a bid, the last-named); or both;(2) (of a bidding system) consisting significantly or more of agreements that actions, or most early-in-the-auction actions, are artificial.
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Artful; cunning; crafty.
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a mecha
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EShe wears an artificial leather coat, so as not to be attacked by animal rights activists.EHe didn't want to instill artificial life into his body.EShe welcomed me with an artificial smile.
Feigned; fictitious; assumed; affected; not genuine.
Cultivated; not indigenous; not of spontaneous growth; as, artificial grasses.