Definitions for "Euphemism"
A figure in which a harsh or indelicate word or expression is softened; a way of describing an offensive thing by an inoffensive expression; a mild name for something disagreeable.
is an acceptable or mild expression which replaces an unpleasant or hurtful one. For example, some people find it too distressing to speak of death and so soften the effect by such terms as: he has passed on; she has gone to a better place etc.
a socially acceptable word or expression used to replace unacceptable or taboo language, as words or expressions for bodily functions. a substitution for straight-forward language that tactfully conceals or, in the extreme, falsifies the meaning of that which it replaces.
A semantic device highly favored by all varieties of Abortionites to put a positive face on their horrible sacramental practices and deny their realities. Some examples include "pro-choice", "final solution", "ethnic cleansing" and "reproductive freedom".