Definitions for "metaphor"
The transference of the relation between one set of objects to another set for the purpose of brief explanation; a compressed simile; e. g., the ship plows the sea.
is a comparison where one thing is said to be another eg. The crimson rose of passion (Passion= crimson rose)
An implied comparison between basically dissimilar things made for the purpose of illuminating our understanding of the things being compared.
a way of describing a concept in a more accessible and familiar form
a familiar concept used to explain the unfamiliar
a means of communication whereby something that was unknown is made known by drawing upon something already familiar
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an ice cream sundae
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a cognitive instrument which links some known aspect to a new and yet unrealized aspect
a cognitive tool, a way of structuring thought
a kind of loose use in which, typically, the logical properties of the representation (mental or public) are inapplicable but which gives rise to a range of weak implicatures and other cognitive effects. (See also representation by resemblance and weak communication)
an album that dazzles your ears on first listen with it's intricate guitar interplay, yet keeps you coming back with it's solid grooves and cool tunes
a powerful communications shortcut which employs a verbal image to dive deep into the unconscious of the reader/hearer and activate all the cultural emotions and thoughts associated with that image
a verbal message which can be easily visualized by the reader or listener
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a teeter-totter
a descriptive image of an object or a relationship that sets out to view the world in a different manner
a looser type of mapping, which points out similarities between two domains, without making explicit links between individual objects, or involving all objects
an explicit use of the contexts involved
a communication tool in which the speaker attempts to draw on emotion and imagery associated with once activity, and apply it to an unrelated activity
a powerful tool, especially when it's handled with such beauty and wonderful insight
a tool for those of us who can't look life square in the eye
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an eveving, a focaling, a crossing
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a ray of sunshine reflected from the placid lake of life - straight into your eyes
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a set of predicates used as a variable
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an illustration
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a species of symbol
a whole and symbols are the parts of that whole
a theory which is the result of given logical and aesthetic rules
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Not quite what you're actually talking about
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an aid, it can make one aware that there is more and can be an incentive to act
a new term arrived at through observations about sameness and difference
a sign with a secondary referent whose meaning is similar physically or functionally to the one in the primary plane of expression
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a river coming out of your mouth