Definitions for "Representation"
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A description or statement; as, the representation of an historian, of a witness, or an advocate.
Any collateral statement of fact, made orally or in writing, by which an estimate of the risk is affected, or either party is influenced.
A statement made by a contracting party that is relevant to the formation of the contract. Representations that are not substantially true will invalidate the contract. Contrast with warranty.
(see also textbook glossary) A symbol used to stand for a real-world event. Also, the interpretation given to a problem.
The relationship between actual places, people, events and ideas and the resulting media content. Stereotypes are a common form of media representation. As messages pass through media, they are distorted so that media does not represent reality as much as it re-presents reality.
an arrangement of symbols or other forms which carries information about something beyond itself, either some non-representational aspect of external reality or some other representation. (See also descriptively used representation and interpretively used representation)
system of MPs who represent the people who elect them
a body of legislators that serve in behalf of some constituency; "a Congressional vacancy occurred in the representation from California"
Proportional representation is the system of voting used for European Parliament elections in all Member States. (See EU citizenship: Political rights)
a data object that denotes a resource state, and is the vehicle for conveying the meaning of a resource
a means of encoding the shape of a solid object
a morphism from a source object to a standard target object
that which is performed by a representative, delegate, or agent, especially a representative in a legislature.
the state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent
the right of being representated by delegates who have a voice in some legislative body
The act of representing; anything that is represented, such as an image brought clearly to mind; anything that represents, such as a verbal or pictorial portrait; the analysis of a linguistic entity (e.g., a word or sentence) into its component units.
The social production of meaning through sign systems (i.e., words, images, gestures, etc.). Involves making meaning by creating links between conceptual and linguistic or signifying levels of meaning, links that are established through codes shared by members of a culture.   Inseparable from the socially specific processes of ideology and mythology , representation constructs the world in particular ways that have significant bearing on the organization of society.
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a kind of relation, between the representer and the thing represented
a set of syntactic and semantic conventions that make it possible to describe things
Peirce] A basic principle of semiotics; refers to a sign standing for something other than itself. In Peirce's words, "That character of a thing by virtue of which, for the production of a certain mental effect, it may stand in place of another thing. The thing having this character I term a representamen, the mental effect, or thought, its interpretant, the thing for which it stands, its object." Links: [S4B] representation.
'By representation per stirpes' means that where a beneficiary predeceases the testator, his portion will devolve upon his children (the children of the beneficiary). In other words, if some of the children have already died, the predeceased child's inhereitance is divided equally amongst that child's children.
Revocable Beneficiary
an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
a different instantiation of the form of something
an expression of something other than itself
a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image
the most general word for an object at any stage in its de­termination by the subject, or for the subjective act of forming the object at that level. The main types of representations are intuitions, concepts and ideas.
using some form of notation to convey musical ideas or compositional intent
representation - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
an experiential re-presentation with identifiable repercussions in an environment
the way groups are presented in the media and popular culture, often through stereotypical images that affect our views of gender, race, class, age, and ability
This refers to the drawing, image or photograph depicting the trade mark.
a drawing, photograph or specimen of your design
A representation is an image or likeness of the design or trade mark  (line drawings, photograph, etc ) for which registration is sought.
(1) A mode of presentation in art in which details are arranged in such a way as to suggest to the imagination some concrete object, person, or scene. (2) Means to re-present the world of appearances as opposed to the direct presentation of content in terms of Form.
an internally generated picture, sound or feeling used to re-present to the self a concept, past experience or imagined event.
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a group homomorphism
is an allegation made under article 24 of the ILO Constitution to the ILO that a member State is not implementing the terms of a Convention which it has ratified. A representation must be made by an industrial organization of employers or workers. More information about Representation
SAA is represented in Washington, D.C., both through its own activities and those of the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History. The SAA President appoints representatives to allied organizations and standards setting bodies.
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A per capita distribution at each generational level (EPTL 1-2.16).
A means of rendering knowledge in computer-usable form. For example, first-order predicate calculus is a common representation language used in AI research.
A dramatic performance; as, a theatrical representation; a representation of Hamlet.
a performance of play
(see section 182) the Board must, prior to publishing a report or recommendation, consider whether or not it may adversely affect a party or person. The Board must give any affected party or person the opportunity to review, rebut or clarify the information before the Board publishes its report.
a point in an appropriate state space, and points (or subvolumes) in a space are individuated by their relations to other points (locations, geometrical proximity)
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a pseudo random sampling of the genome
a mental state that has a propositional content, which determines its conditions of satisfaction, and a propositional mode, which determines the 'direction of fit' of its propositional content
a process of connecting two such effects, and its content lies in this connection , not in the particular features of the images connected
An entity included with a response that is subject to content negotiation. There may exist multiple representations associated with a particular response status. [ HTTP
The assurance that those who are representing a specific community truly reflect that community's values, norms, and behaviors.
Having another present or position; can take place within a variety of context including appeals, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.
The encoding of information for interchange. For example, HTML is a representation of hypertext.
A level of medical data encoding: the process by which as much detail as possible is coded.
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The act of representing, in any sense of the verb.
The body of those who act as representatives of a community or society; as, the representation of a State in Congress.
The act of representing someone else, especially as an attorney.
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the act of representing; standing in for someone or some group and speaking with authority in their behalf
the practice of one person standing in place of another, or of a group or region, at an assembly or meeting. The needs of war financing led to the frequent calling of English assemblies. (p. 393)
a formal system for making explicit certain entities or types of information, together with a specification of how the system does this
Refers to the percentage of all employees in a particular occupation, salary range, sector, etc. who are members of a designated group. For example, if 45% of all employees in sector X are women, their representation in that sector is 45%. Similarly, if the representation of women is high in a particular occupation, a high percentage of all employees in it are women.
The appearance of an item, which is of a particular representation style.
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an abstract class
A process of displaying the body that encourages people to make associations between the body and particular social values.
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A likeness, a picture, or a model; as, a representation of the human face, or figure, and the like.
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a mapping from a representing to a represented structure
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One of the many ways a DOCUMENT can be displayed from a given FORMAT. From a computer file on disk (FORMAT) you usually have two REPRESENTATIONS, on screen and on paper.
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(c.f. HTTP) (where??@@@)
A likeness or image of a person, an animal, or some other subject.
That which represents.
The state of being represented.