Definitions for "IMPLIED CONTRACT"
Short for implied-in-fact contract, it's an agreement that is not explicitly in writing, but presumably intended by all parties involved. A manager's oral promise, a statement in an employee manual, a company policy, a chain of positive employee merit reviews, and a company's historical actions under similar circumstances are each examples of what might constitute an implied contract between an employer and employee. Often, what constitutes an implied contract infers a "promise" of continued or permanent employment. Employers might require new-hires to sign agreements, in which they acknowledge that documents, such as policy manuals, do not constitute contracts. If so, implied contracts based on documents might be null and void. Compare to Explicit Contract.
a contract not expressly agreed upon in written terms but one created by the conduct of the parties
Not explicitly written or stated; determined by deduction from known facts or from the circumstances or conduct of the parties.