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The written version of a settlement that resolves certain issues. It is generally a valid contract.
a contract between the parties and it will be enforced "absent fraud, duress, undue influence, or mistake
a contract between the parties, and the Board enforces the agreement according to its terms
A document that spells out the terms of a resolution by the parties without an adjudication.
A legal document that states the case facts and the terms by which plaintiff releases the defendant.
Legal document executed by all parties of a lawsuit or claim stating case facts and terms by which plaintiff releases the defendant. Payments made by defendant, purchase of annuity and consent language for the assignment may appear within the document as well.
a contract and is to be construed and applied as such
a contract, and its construction is a question of law which this court reviews de novo
a contract and, therefore, subject to the same legal principles that apply to any contract
The arrangement made between an insurer and a policyowner (or beneficiary) concerning the manner in which the insurer will pay the policy proceeds to the beneficiary. See also settlement options.
a written contract between you and your spouse or domestic partner that contains detailed legal wording about how the issues in your case will be handled
a written statement, signed by you and our representative, describing how a dispute is to be handled
The written version of the settlement.
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a decision that each individual must make