Definitions for "LETTER OF INTENT"
A letter that formalizes the relationship between an underwriter and a company preparing to go public. The letter of intent outlines the underwriter fees, ranges for stock prices, and other terms of the underwriter's agreement.
A formal statement that a buyer intends to purchase a property for a certain price on a certain date.
A signed statement often required by a seller from a potential buyer of a travel agency or other business setting forth the intent of the buyer in examining proprietary information of the seller and reciting that such information shall remain strictly confidential and not be divulged under any circumstances to third parties.
A nonbinding letter from one company to another acknowledging a willingness and ability to enter into a deal.
A letter from one company to another acknowledging a willingness and ability to do business. see also letter security
a negotiation tool commonly used in business acquisitions and mergers
Prior to proposal submission in Phase 1, proposers who intend to write proposals must submit via electronic mail a letter containing, per intended proposal, a 5-line abstract of the scientific case. A list of envisaged observing modes is not mandatory.
a brief description of a proposed research activity that researchers submit to each individual foundation, agency or non-profit that they believe may be a source of potential funding
a letter that may be requested by the funding program to gauge the interest and the number of full applications anticipated so that the funding program can estimate both the proper number of reviewers and expertise needed to review the applications
A feature in mutual funds to reduce sales charges whereby a mutual fund shareholders promises to invest a specified amount of money on a monthly basis for a stipulated period of time.
Agreement by the investor to buy a minimum dollar value of shares within a 13-month period to qualify the investor for a reduced sales charge on these purchases.
An agreement calling for an investor to invest a specific amount in a fund over a defined period in order to qualify for reduced sales charges. The reduced sales charge may apply to an individual fund or to all the funds operated by a single investment management firm.
Binding commitment to start production prior to authorization of funds.
The expression of a desire to enter into a contract without actually doing so.
The expression of a desire to enter into a contract on specified terms and conditions without assuming any binding obligations.
A letter that may be requested by a funder merely stating that the college plans to apply for a grant.
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a document which details a planned business venture in the PRC
a document which spells out the general plans of an individual or company involved in a business deal
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a document that you prepare to help the guardians, trustees and the courts interpret your hopes and desires for your child
a way to have your voice be heard beyond the time when you are no longer with your child
a way to outline the services that your consulting firm will provide, the tasks you're expected to complete, and the desired outcome
a short essay (about 500 words) that details your work and volunteer history, career goals and reasons for choosing your program. Individual programs may request additional information.
A legal promise to perform some activity at a future date in return for money received beforehand.
a flexible legal tool, but also a potentially dangerous one
a letter explaining to the membership why the candidate wants to run for the office
A written indication to the owner of property that the writer will be making an offer to purchase the property.
A letter from one company to another indicating a ... Add a comment
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a promise to buy a product or service once it is produced
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Liability Insurance Lien
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(see Offer to lease.)
A letter from an organisation other than the applicant expressing its support for a project, either financially or by other means.