Definitions for "Entry Fee"
The amount of money a triathlete pays to enter a race. Can range anywhere from $5 to over $150. On an average the price is usually $35. The cost includes race insurance, a T-shirt, goodies in a bag and post race food. Depending on the race these things included can differ.
The price charged for admission to a place, competition, or attraction. The duty levied on a person entering a country.
Money paid by an owner to enter a horse in a stakes race.
A fee levied on an investor to buy into a fund. It is payable to the manager/promoter of the fund.
Paid by the investor when purchasing units in a trust. This can range from 0.5% for income trusts to 5% for some property or equity trusts. The fee is included in the price that new investors pay. Most of the entry fee is paid as a commission to investment advisers and brokers.
Paid by the investor when purchasing units in a trust or managed fund, or investing in a superannuation fund.
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The amount per hound assessed to cover Club expenses for the Test/Trial.