Definitions for "FEES"
The term Fees refers to the fees charged for a single module or an entire program. Eligible ACAP students can choose to pay the fees for each module in which they are enrolled up-front each term or apply for FEE-HELP. Fees are charged according to the ACAP fee schedule. The fee schedule is revised each calendar year, and therefore fees may increase annually.
Students pay a range of course fees depending on whether they are an Australian or International student, undergraduate or postgraduate, or in a fee-paying or Commonwealth Supported Place. An explanation of all of these is available on the Admissions and Tuition Fees website.
Fixed amounts charged by a school directly related to the enrollment in a school as for tuition, registration, and transportation. Payable fees do not include refundable deposits, lost/damaged books, parent directed testing, International Baccalaureate testing, advanced placement testing, and charges for services of a personal nature such as lunches, parking, and insurance.
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Any transaction costs incurred by you (e.g. commissions, trade processing fees, and SEC fees).
Fees are the costs associated with various aspects of attendance at the University—see Financial Information in the Final Timetable.
Course-related costs to attend college.
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Means an amount payable of 4% of funds raised under this Prospectus to Sterling Energy Pty Limited ACN 101 085 321 to facilitate the Company’s international relationship with drillers and operators in the United States of America.
Specific sums payable to the Trade-marks Office for various services.
Sums payable for the services provided by IP offices.(FR:Taxes, IT:Tasse)
Monies the court is required to collect. The fees are set by the Arizona State Legislature. Fees may be waived or deferred if the party is eligible.
Monies paid to the Cashier's Office to cover the cost of your education and the College's services.
Investment companies earn their rewards in the form of dividends or interest payments, but they may also be entitled to fees in connection with putting together the deal and for monitoring progress of the investment.
nearly all investments carry with them a management fee or commission. For instance, the average Management Expense Ratio (MER) for a balanced mutual fund is 2.32%¹ of the total value of the investment. The average weighted fee at TD Private Investment Counsel is just 0.98%².
Fees paid to investment advisors or money managers, which reduce the expected total return of the individual's portfolio.
A payment for services or the amount of the premium.
the money obtained for services rendered.
amount of money per hour to employ a model.
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Fees vary from property to property. They are generally for cleaning and/or pets. Fees are non-refundable.
Salary or wage given to someone for their work of a professional nature.
a key element of a firm's co-operation with the regulator
Certain types of fees apply most commonly to a home equity line of credit (see transaction fee). Others are common to all types of mortgage loans (see origination fee).
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See Payment