Definitions for "fee"
A right to the use of a superior's land, as a stipend for services to be performed; also, the land so held; a fief.
Estate of inheritance in real property; also called a fee simple.
Depending on the context, either a remuneration for services or an inheritable estate in land.
A charge for services rendered.
Reward or compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; especially, payment for professional services, of optional amount, or fixed by custom or laws; charge; pay; perquisite; as, the fees of lawyers and physicians; the fees of office; clerk's fees; sheriff's fees; marriage fees, etc.
To reward for services performed, or to be performed; to recompense; to hire or keep in hire; hence, to bribe.
Part of a cost that does not depend on the total value of a trade.
An amount in addition to actual, allowable costs incurred that is normally paid to a for-profit organization under a contractual arrangement. This increment above cost also is referred to as "profit." (Also see " Grants to For-Profit Organizations—Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs—Allowability of Costs and Fee—Profit or Fee.")
In specified cost-reimbursement pricing arrangements, fee represents an agreed-to amount beyond the initial estimate of costs. In most instances, fee reflects a variety of factors, including risk, and is subject to statutory limitations. Fee may be fixed at the outset of performance, as in a cost-plus-fixed-fee arrangement, or may vary (within a contractually specified minimum-maximum range), as in a cost-plus-incentive-fee arrangement.
property; possession; tenure.
Under the terms of a trust or through an appropriate conveyance a person known as a liferenter may be entitled to possess or use a property temporarily during his lifetime only or another specified period. However, once the liferent has terminated the property usually passes to the fiar, who is then entitled to full rights over the property. The rights of the property enjoyed by a fiar are known as the fee.
money that you should pay in order to take part in the tournament.
Asum of money you pay, for example, to have a loan or credit arranged for you.
Money taken by the house to compensate for expenses in a poker tournament.
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amount of money paid for something.
or fees - money paid to accountants, lawyers, private schools, etc.
Sum(s) to be paid by the contractor to the public authority when it uses for commercial purposes the results of a public contract.
A tax that is enacted in Regular Legislative Sessions that are held in even-numbered years when tax increases are prohibited. See also, revenue ehancement.
Monies payable on issue of an claim or subsequent process
Acronym for Front End Electronics.
Front End Electronics for Detector operation
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Fish Eye Eliminator
Feature Extraction Environment
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Simply put, it is a payment.
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includes expenses.
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A Management Fee
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