Definitions for "real estate"
the real estate project have some of the basic functionality used in the real estate application.
A Java web application to rent and sell properties. A great Real Estate.
Land or anything attached to the land. Contrast with personal property.
a bullet proof investment to the point of saying that if prices implode that they'll recover in ten years
an excellent investment for anyone for anyone looking for South Georgia homes for sale , whether you plan on living in the home you buy forever or if you need to re-sell it in the future
a very good investment (long term)
a convenient compromise for families whose hobbies run the gamut from surfing to hiking, to all-terrain vehicle riding
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Poor coal mixed with dirt or slag. When mixed with sand it is called seashore.
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a wholly owned subsidiary to ICA AB
real property, or tangible and unmovable property that is subject to ownership.Related terms: REAL PROPERTY, REALTY.
a good investment and you can find the property buying and selling help, relocation resources, and mortgage calculator
a hot product and anyone who wants to cash in without actually buying property might look at the risks and rewards of investing
a team of consummate professionals and we are determined that everyone associated with us will represent the highest standards in the industry
a website for realtors, for sale by owners (FSBO), rentals and builders to display their photos and information on the World Wide Web
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see Landscape.
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a bargain due to the currency exchange rates
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a commodity, the value of which can rise or fall
Refers to the amount of area available on a substrate.
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an extension of our company