Definitions for "fixtures"
In real estate, a part of a piece of property that is permanently attached so...
Personal property that becomes real property when attached in a permanent manner to real estate. Examples include: plumbing, electrical fixtures, fences, trees, shrubbery, etc.
Personal property attached to land that is legally considered to become part of the land.
The major components of a bathroom or kitchen which are securely fastened (to the wall or floor) consisting of bathtubs, lavatories, sinks, water closets and bidets.
The Fixtures Group [Mission Valley, P.O.Box 711501, San Diego CA, 92171 (858) 292.4745, (800) 642.9929 FAX (800) 466.3920] is a source of brackets and clips for building display and shelving units from tempered glass, which they also sell. Various shapes allow rectangular or hexagonal cells as shown on web page given. 2006-08-30
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The devices that contain the bulbs and (if necessary) the ballasts. Fixtures come in many numbers of shapes and sizes depending on their application. Some are designed to give architectural appeal and also provide ambiance, and some are specially designed to minimize glare on computer screens and used for other working surfaces.
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a device that holds the workpiece securely in the correct position relative to the tool in a manufacturing process but does not guide the tool (as opposed to a jig).
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A booklet containing a diary for the half and a great deal of other information.