Definitions for "Real estate professional"
an invaluable information resource, so be sure to use him or her to your advantage
an invaluable tool when buying a home in Fairfax
a person who devotes more than half of all his working time to the real estate profession (i
a taxpayer who spends the majority of time on REAL PROPERTY businesses
Generally, a taxpayer who spends more than half of their professional services in the real property business (property development, construction, acquisition, conversion, rental, management, leasing, or brokering) and more than 750 hours a year in real property trade or business.
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an expert in the home selling process and as such will advise you of your rights, options and obligations
an expert who knows what homes are for sale that meet your desires
an independent contractor who has high goals for a high income
an experienced negotiator and will work for you to get you the best possible price
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a good resource for helping you make these decisions