Definitions for "Reo"
Real Estate Owned. Property which is in the possession of a lender as a result of foreclosure or forfeiture.
See Real-Estate Owned. Replacement Cost - Cost to reproduce a structure of the same desirability and utility values using modern methods and materials.
Real Estate Owned . Property has been reverted to the holder of the mortgage.
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The ecent thnic rigin information is provided by each testee, and is only as accurate as the testee's knowledge. FTDNA instructs testees to answer "Unknown Origin" when their ancestor's origin is uncertain or not known.
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Réacteur à eau ordinaire
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convict, prisioner
Reo is a transparent object-relational mapper. Currently for Java, but there are plans for porting it to other OO environments such as Smalltalk.
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Bumper bar re-enforcement.
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Rare earth oxide basis, for purity definition (content of primary rare earth relative to total rare earth element content)
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Regional Education Officer
Regional Environmental Office.
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Short for re-entry
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