Definitions for "Transfer of Ownership"
Any legal method by which the ownership of property changes hands.
Any means by which the ownership of the real estate changes hands.
Any means by which the title to a property changes hands.
The process of changing the name of record of the party who is listed as the Domain name registrant (owner.) To complete the transfer process, the current owner must provide proof of identity, usually by fax, and must acknowledge that they are transferring a Domain name, usually done via e-mail. This process is in place to protect current Domain owners from unscrupulous practices. The party taking over the Domain name is responsible for paying a new registration fee. DOMAIN WORDS GLOSSARY
The registration by the recorded holder of a mineral title of all or a portion of the interest held in that mineral title to another free miner, with acceptance of the transfer by the purchaser.
Giving assets (including securities) to another individual or organization. Transfers are typically part of an individual's estate planning, tax planning or charitable giving program.