Definitions for "Convey"
To carry from one place to another; to bear or transport.
To cause to pass from one place or person to another; to serve as a medium in carrying (anything) from one place or person to another; to transmit; as, air conveys sound; words convey ideas.
To manage with privacy; to carry out.
To transfer or deliver to another; to make over, as property; more strictly (Law), to transfer (real estate) or pass (a title to real estate) by a sealed writing.
The act of transferring title to real property from one party to another.
The transfer of the title of land from one to another.
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To accompany; to convoy.
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take something or somebody with oneself somewhere; "Bring me the box from the other room"; "Take these letters to the boss"; "This brings me to the main point"
go or come after and bring or take back; "Get me those books over there, please"; "Could you bring the wine?"; "The dog fetched the hat"
Convey is a real-time, online, multi-user collaboration tool which augments text, graphics, and symbols. Examples of graphics include shapes, mathematical expressions, diagrams, flow charts, and pictures.
To impart or communicate; as, to convey an impression; to convey information.
To communicate or make known.
to communicate in words to
A capability conveys authority over the object it represents
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make known; pass on, of information
Term applies to change of ownership of property