Definitions for "Title examination"
See Examination of Title.
A fee charged by a title company or attorney in some states to cover the cost of searching the public record to make sure the buyer is purchasing a house from the legal owner and there are no liens, overdue assessments, or other claims filed that would adversely affect the transfer of the title. For our comparison purposes, a title examination fee is considered to be a third party fee and may be included in the title insurance fee by some lenders.
An examination of property information in public records to determine that a seller is the legal owner and to find any other claims or encumbrances on the property title.
This fee is paid at closing. This policy protects the lender in case of future title problems arising. You will have the opportunity to purchase your own title insurance at a significant savings at the time of closing.
a study of the abstract of title and sometimes of other title evidence
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(See Title Search).