Definitions for "Certificate of title"
An opinion rendered by an attorney as to the status of title to a property, according to the public records.
A written opinion of the quality of a person's ownership of property, issued by a lawyer or a title insurance company after a search of the title records has been conducted.
A legal statement that discloses the property's current owner.
Certification(s) Or Qualification(s) Requirememts(s)
Commitment Credit Card Creditworthiness
Compound Interest Credit History Creditworthiness
Commitment Credit History Creditworthiness
In Florida this certificate is issued to a buyer 10 days after the foreclosure sale.
Document issued by the Veterans Administration to qualified veterans which verifies a veteran's eligibility for a VA guaranteed loan. Obtainable through local VA office by submitting form DD-214 (Separation Paper) and VA form 1880 (request for Certificate of Eligibility).
A standard form provided by a mortgage lender used by a lawyer to request the mortgage advance.
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Commitment Credit Card Creditor